🚀 New Knowledge Podcast Episode - Preparing for Gravel Events 🚀

Gravel events require more than just fitness - there’s a lot more to think through that you probably haven’t thought about.
Do you know how to fix a chain? Have you practiced sealing that tubeless puncture? What about route reconnaissance? Having a fun, and successful, gravel event isn’t just about being fit - you also need to be prepared in several other areas you might not have thought about. So, in this episode, Coaches Neal and Jeff share their top gravel tips to make sure you cross the line with a smile on your face and are pleased with your performance.

Listen here: The Knowledge Podcast


Thanks Eddie. One item of note: IF YOU BRING IT IN TAKE IT OUT. Many rides on on rented private property and the last thing they want to do is clean up your mess. We’ve lost access to two WONDERFUL private farms because some pigs decided that riding out their empties wasn’t worth it. Now you can’t be on them unless you prearrange to be there AND you sign a statement you will take out what you bring in. Same with human waste. #2 belongs in a container. Yes, even a baggle. Do not dig cat holes out there.