Got my butt kicked today

Hi all, I took up cycling a few months ago after I had some knee issues because of running.
Systm is my first attempt at structural training.
I’ve done the half monty and I got 250ftp for my 82kg wich I guess is average.
I started with the ‘All purpose’ plan I figured it would be a good place to start.

After two weeks of pretty easy workout
I just did Blender mini version and got destroyed. My legs turned in to jelly with 12min to go. I have to say it was a humbling experience.

I’ve done some relatively hard climbs before but they were all longer sustained efforts. The constant changing of pace iz a totaly different animal.
I guess not doing any interval seassions before also plays a role here.

I was also wondering how common is not completing a workout?

Can’t wait to try the workout again though. This was a little benchmark for me. Given me something I could improve on.


Pull up a chair, cowpoke. Got some bad news…:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

(We’ve all been there!)



Once I got destroyed by a warm up and could not even progress to the main body of the workout. Some workouts are a “rite of passage”. I have only failed to complete a couple of workouts in the last couple of years, but in the early days, non of the mashups were completed without a pause or a dialling down of intensity. Welcome to the club JureL


Can relate to this - I’ve completed a couple of Ironman races self trained but coming to science based structured training is a a different level.

I’m guessing I’ve always been soft pedalling but now I’ve given my all in an FF the training is pushing me way more than I would have myself.


Hi @JureL never feel you can’t pause the video and take a longer break to get ur breath back or heart rate down or to dial down the intensity a bit like others have said. I’m now into my 4th year and and in my last Full Frontal I managed to increase my FTP to 207 when I started in 2017 it was about 170 but the workouts really help your legs might not think but compared to even 4 years ago the amount of videos for what you want to train on as well as Yoga and strength and Mental Training have all improved so someone coming in might find it a little daunting but if you can stick with it you will see results


Hi @JureL , and welcome!

We have all been there. Most of us probably still are sometimes If you’re nailing every single workout without a problem then you probably need to retake the test and adjust your profile. It’s meant to be tough!

There’s a great article that talks about struggling in a workout: Don't Skip Your Workout, Adjust It | Wahoo Fitness

Seeing today’s effort as a benchmark is a great idea and a very good approach. These workouts and plans work - I am confident that you’ll surpass that benchmark sooner than you probably think right now.



@JureL Be sure to add some post workout notes to reference for next time. What went well? Could you have done anything differently - cooling, hydration, doing a warm-up video, better focus or dial in a bit more, better breathing, some positive self talk … Those notes can really help especially for the next time you try the same workout.


Spot on tips @jsampson. When I first started doing this it felt a bit strange, but it’s a gold mine of info when you look back at your notes.


One thing I have found useful, is extra warmup.

I do some part of the Open 15 workout, starting at lower intensity and ramping up.

Even when I was younger, I found it took some time for my aerobic system to kick in because it does not react as quickly as the anaerobic system. Haven’t you noticed that sometimes during warmup you breathing a little more intensely before you settle in?


Jurel, I’d recommend when you get the opportunity that you do The Bat workout. It’s a moderate difficulty workout but helps with Mental Strength.


@JSampson Is there a way to put the notes into Systm so you can see them when you do the workout again? Or do you have to keep them separately?

Thank you all for the encouraging words.

@CPT_A Haha thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

@alchurch @leebo I should definitely lower the intensity next time before I come to the point of failure. Tbh I totally forgot I could do that while I was “in the moment” so I just kept pushing until I was toast.

@JSampson Thanks for the tips I’ll definitely do that.

@Heretic Yeah that’s a good point. I’ve found that I need a bit more time to properly warm up and settle in too. Next time I’ll do an additional warmup routine first.

@AkaPete No - they would stay with the prior workout. When you repeat a workout, search for the prior attempt and you can check out the notes.

Sorry to break completely off-topic here, but @JureL I’ve been asked to see whether or not you have a son… Guy who is asking seems to go by the name of Zod :wink:


@JSampson Thanks. Currently, I don’t see any way to search through prior workouts (except by scrolling through them), but I think I saw that they are working on that.

They are.

If you have your account linked to Strava, you can use the activity search on there to compare previous runs on the same session for now.

@Jon I am linked to Strava. Clever.

Hey @JureL ,
Like others have said, don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. Just doing a little analyzing here: If you started the jelly leg feeling with 12 minutes to go, you had just done 2 efforts in the pain shakes at AC. (Have you done Full Frontal, yet). Perhaps your AC is set too high or you just jumped into the deep end of the pool too quickly. A few options for you:

  1. Do a Full Frontal test week and get solid numbers across the 4DP range.
  2. Reinstall another plan with a 2on/1off format
  3. Chat with a coach
  4. Soldier on and see how you respond over the next several weeks.
  5. Add the MTP program to give you the extra edge.
    Or do all three. We’re here to help and there have been many good suggestions already.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself. I like the term “ruthlessly compassionate”
    Keep us up to date on how you’re getting along.



I think 2/1’s are going to become my new best friend.


As I mentioned on another thread, I am going to try 3:1 with low volume and compare that with 2:1 and higher volume.