New Omnium

While watching the track cycling events at the Olympics, I just realized that since 2016 when the infamous “The Omnium” was introduced to the Sufferfest there has been a change in the events an Omnium on the track consists of. While I really hate-love the current SUF Omnium and don’t want it to be taken away from us, I really wonder if there are any plans for another SUF Omnium matching the current regulations.
Since @David.McQuillen.KoS and @Coach.Neal.H are the evil masterminds behind the current SUF Omnium, I hope you guys consider this for the near future.


@Holger1980 Sure - keep the old and add a new - The Omnium Redux. Then we could do them back to back during the ToS.


Yikes!! These are the sort of terrible ideas that end up getting implemented, so suggest with caution. :hot_face:


Why not? The Omnium is one of my favorite workouts. I always look forward to the last 40 seconds or so. :smile:


Much though I hate the Omnium workout, I would never suggest changing it

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Same here - I don’t want it to be changed. I just suggested to set up an additional one following the current Omnium regulations.