New opp - where did all the old plans go?

I cant find any of the sufferfest training plans, like the volcano climbing plan (which i was just finishing and planning on repeating). additionally, there isnt an obvious way to compare plans like there used to be. none of the new options in any configuration fit why I am a member or use the app. too many no vids, inconsistency of intensity, and comparing workouts in the calendar is less user friendly, requiring more work figuring out a daily workout. i was a big fan of the volcano climbing plan (and a few others) and cant find anything close to it.

any tips?

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I agree that the plans system isn’t ideal currently.

I’ll let someone from the team answer the general question, but…

If you go here you can still click through and add the old plans, for now at least :slight_smile:

@Harrierpilot222 I read somewhere that Volcano Climbing is now in the blocks section. It might be the Threshold option as that appears to be a new one.

I am getting used to the new plan selection but truth be told I have visited it a ton of times to get my head around it. Overall it seems to add more flexibility and consistency among plans which I think will be helpful to me.

Jon, thats an awesome short term solution and super greatful for that! i was able to add it for the next month in case it suddenly disappears. is there a specific way to access these options other than coming to the forum within the app, opening this post, then clicking the link? The website via a browser doesns seem helpful…

i was super confused this morning when the sufferfest app was gone. I had no knowledge this change was coming.

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it isnt the same as threshold blocks unfortunately. i did look at that option but didnt like the results. i have a kickr climb and like the majority of my workouts to utilize it. there were a couple other things i didnt like about that option either, but ill keep looking. they really should add the calendar preview back in. i shouldnt have to add the plan before i can see what workouts are included. deleting plans is also more difficult.

Erm, probably no easy route other than simply bookmark the page the link takes you to :slight_smile:

Also all the plans have been updated with the new content and tweaked to be better. I removed and re-added the plan I was halfway through, and the scheduled workouts are different. I believe the Sports Science Team have done a ton of work to update all the plans which is pretty darn awesome.


i tried that but i still have to open it inside the new app. im not sure if this is an app issue or my lack of ability to use an apple product. i switched to ipad (vs. windows laptop) specifically because of the sufferfest app a month ago.

ill keep trying to figure it out. thanks

figured it out. after clicking your link, i saved it to homescreen (vs favorites). it added a sufferfest icon similar to the old app. bad part is that it requires re-login each time i go between the new or old “apps” which is annoying but less so than the alternative.

Sorry, didn’t realise you were on iPad. I always used that webpage for “managing” my Sufferfest schedule.
You shouldn’t need it too often anyway, only when you want to add old plans for as long as that route remains available.

no worries! just grateful for the help!

There is a lot to like with the new app, for sure, but I have found that the Plans are frustrating. I liked the previous layout where the title of the plan was easy to find and match with your goal, in addition to how it was pretty quick to view the plan and decide if it worked for me.
I get the intent of the new Plans to provide a schedule customsed to your intent, but it was driving me nuts clicking and making choices nine times (no, I still don’t want yoga) just to get to the point where I could see the workout schedule, deciding it wasn’t what I wanted, then going back and doing the same thing over and over again. I still haven’t found the Speed Demon plan, but perhaps it’s just under a different allocation.
Anyway, like I said, there’s lots to like with SYSTM, but a key feature for me of Sufferfest over other apps was the structured plans that were simple to view and apply.
Maybe it would be nice to have both the plan list as before in addition to the new guided program in SYSTM?

I agree. If you still have the old version/program on a laptop, you can still add the old training plans that way. If you don’t want to install the program on a computer, you can use the link Jon provided. If you use an Ipad with your trainer, you can use the method I mentioned above.

I do hope they change their current plan system. I do like that you can add individual workouts to the calendar now even though that is not obvious. I don’t see myself using a ton of the extra features for a while. I just completed Team Scream this morning so I might try one of the ProRides or On Location rides at some point. I have a feeling I won’t care for them without a sufferfest type soundtrack though. I really don’t like that the multisport assumes triathlon. I don’t have access to a pool so this is a waste. I’d love a duathon option though. I wish they would bring the passport back. Looking for the last time 3 times I took an FTP test this morning took FOREVER using the calendar function on the new app.