Volcano Training Plan gone up in smoke?

My go-to plan is AWOL. Can anyone help? It could be that I’m just looking in the wrong part of the SYSTM.

I’ve gone into the section to start a new plan and I just can’t find the Volcano training plan. Has Wahoo killed it off? I truly hope not. I absolutely love that plan, almost as much as I love Omnium (the best Suff session IMV, just saying…).

If you have Wahoo, please please please can we have it back. It was terrific. If it’s there, could someone please tell this idiot how I get it on my calendar… Many thanks in advance and happy suffering one and all.

Hi - login in to sufferfest on the web, and apply it from there - someone else asked this the other week and i tested that/put up the links etc. I’ll try and find that post

Ooh - thank you Sir Martin. That is the best news I’ve had all day. Would really appreciate the links. If it try to log into suff via the web, it just goes to SYSTM though.

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Ok, so I typed in app.thesufferfest.com and ended up here (auto logged in)

No joy?

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I’m just guessing and so on here … out of interest did you used to have a SUF account?

Link to the Volcano plan on the “old” site, as mentioned by Sir Martin, is here The Sufferfest (log in with regular credentials for access… and looks like you then have to find the plan, direct link not so linky). That’s a workaround, not an answer to the question of whether the plan has been killed by the coaches though…


Maybe write it down then you’ve got it for eternity.

From memory, the newer Building Block plans replace it…possibly with the threshold block plan. It’s different but gives a similar outcome.


Sir Martin - you are a total star. That worked! Seeing the old app was like discovering an old friend. I’ve added the plant to my calendar and it’s on the SYSTM… That is such a relief.

I think all the other ones I liked are still on the SYSTM so I do wonder why they ditched the Volcano. I see the speed and power ones are gone too - but I guess they are mopped up by the building blocks 4dp focus section.

Anyway you are a lifesaver. I’m back up the Volcano very shortly…

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As @DameLisa says, the new building blocks Threshold plan is the proxy for the old Volcano Climbing plan, not quite the same but targets the same outcomes. Building block MAP is the Speed Demon plan.

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Lol. No worries. Prob too much time on these apps ……

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Oh, that is a real shame, that the Volcano plan is not applicable from the new app anymore. The Volcano plan helped me twice for two bucket list events and prepped me on spot. First time it was my Everesting and this year I used the plan for preparing the Ötztaler Radmarathon. In both cases I did the Hilly Gran Fondo plan first and then finished the preparation with the Volcano plan. Would be really nice to have the plan available in SYSTM as well.

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Das ist meine Meinung auch. Wir brauchen der Volcano-plan zurück


I’ll do a side by side comparison at some point but, to be blunt, Threshold Plan does not have the same ring or gravitas as the Volcano Climbing Plan. Makes me wonder if SYSTM’s creators need to learn a thing or two from GVA about marketing…

Das stimmt.