New to Suffferfest, recommendations for next training ride?

Completed the 4DP profile on Monday after a 2 month layoff. Felt good and ready for the next Sufferfest ride. Me, 63 using my new Wahoo Kickr but had to purchase a new dual band HRM to sync with my iPad not yet in hand.
Recommendations for today’s training ride? I will redo the 4DP profile in a couple of weeks to check on improvement.

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If you “felt good” after completing Full Frontal, you obviously love suffering… so something like Nine Hammers or Omnium would be perfect… or maybe Blender, if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands.


Hi Matt @LeonardoX

There are so many options these days.

While having favourites fir lots of different reasons (like favourite cos it kicks my ass or favourite because it’s a bit mellower and the video is great or favourite because it’s an original video) if asked to pick one that is just a great session for many many people without too many ‘labels’.
I’d suggest Team Scream.
It’s just awesome.

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Spot on - discovering the YouTube trailer for Team Scream was the reason I got Sufferfest!

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Congrats on the numbers! If you have been off the platform for 2 months you probably have missed the new Cobbler video. I would suggest checking that one out. It seems to be an instant hit based on feedback in the forum and I would certainly recommend it.

I would say have fun exploring the sessions as there are so many new ones now available in SYSTM that you are spoiled for choice. As for retesting the 4DP metrics, we suggest doing the full frontal every 12 weeks or so. But after 6 weeks giving the Half Monty a go is a good way to gauge improvements as they will likely come quickly with you being relatively new to this