New to the app 4DP test results and what rides to improve?

I’ve been using trainer road. I’m 58 I workout daily but bike on the trainer 2-3 times per week
My Rider type is Rouleur based on the test results I got What’s the best way to increase my power output and endurance? When I use trainer road I alternate between endurance and HIIT rides. I like the 60 min hit rides because they are not boring and also it’s easier to go hard/rest/go hard than to go at a steady hard pace which is what I think I need to get better at.

If you want to follow a plan but have no specific goals (ie time trials, crit races etc) then just do the all purpose road plan. As it says in the app, all plans are targeted with the same basic end goal but the workouts will be tailored to your weakness.

So, for example, I’m classified as a Climber, so my all purpose road plan would have different workouts to your plan, even if we both chose the same one.


wow I didn’t realize the software was that sophisticated. Thank you!