New 4DP, new plan?


I did a pre-indoor season 4dp test this afternoon,
my rider type is still sprinter but my weakness has shifted from sustained to VO2.

Do I need to reapply the training plan (all purpose) to my calendar?


@BertieBoy Yes - I believe you do since you have new numbers. I always do that after a test.


Hi @BertieBoy in previous 4DP Tests my weakness was also sustained efforts but my latest 4DP last Saturday it changed to V02 Efforts, I’m still a Rouleur though that pretty much hasn’t changed in 4 years. I’m currently on a 4 week MAP Plan which even though I’ve just finished Week 1 I feel I’ve improved already. So just keep an eye on what workouts it gives you as sustained efforts might not give you the exact same workouts as V02 ones.

On SYSTM you can keep working on the same plan as the plans are not yet tailored to rider weakness specifically (though you will still gain the benefits to all 4DP aspects most relevant to the plan outcome).
The Sport Science team is working to offer rider weakness plans again but our first priority was to increase our offering in regards to intensity and progression.


Gosh! I was a bit disappointed to read that plans are currently NOT adapted to rider type/weakness. This was truly something I valued very highly when choosing training apps. If they’re not adapted to ridet type then they are more a generic one size fits all solution that basically just adjusts for volume and recovery ratios. A definite degradation of a product I purchased a years subscription of. /Liz
(EDIT) even more confused now I’ve read the banner on Plans “Your plan will be fully tailored…” Well will it or won’t it?

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If you’re right, there’s no point in finding out your rider type.

Hopefully we’re reading it wrong. Can it be that the plans are tailored to the rider type and that @Coach.Rupert.H only highlights that there is no adjustment for the weakness?

@BertieBoy mentioned that his type hasn’t changed. I understand that therefore he doesn’t need to reload his plans.

I’d welcome the weakness training plans - that’d be awesome. Although being a time trialist with a weakness in sustained power, I’m not sure how much of a difference it’s going to make for me.

@ut-och-cykla just to clarify on the plans being based on rider profile. As Rupert said rider weakness is one area of the profile.
At present not all of the plans are updated for rider weaknesses. In this case, we’re talking about the building block plans as you are essentially selecting the area you want to focus on, along with the short duration means the adjustments made between weaknesses have less impact. We are still working on the updates, but in the larger picture, those tweaks have a smaller impact than the longer 12-week plans. We don’t have any Rider Profile adjustments for the shorter specialty plans like the Week With, 14 Day trial Plan, FF and HM prep plans.

@TrapMeSuf there is definitely still value in getting an accurate 4DP profile from FF. Since you’ll always get a rider profile when you complete FF I would say there is still value there, even if it’s just to track over time.

Lastly, to answer @BertieBoy did you apply the plan in SYSTM or in the SUF app and you’re now moved over to the SYSTM app?

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Thanks for the clarification. Makes sense that e.g. MAP building block etc. is not adapted to rider type/weakness. But as I am a sprinter with VO2 weakness I hope that if a select a general 12 week plan the sessions will largely reflect the fact that I need to drag my MAP up and not turn myself into Caleb Ewen :slight_smile: (which would require a lot more input than I think Sufferfest/Wahoo can ever provide as I am 60+ female…)

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Thanks for the response, interesting to know.

I applied it in systm from my phone, I did re-apply it also from systm but using my laptop once I’d updated the app.

On a related note the new systm & android app is excellent! Some great new content and short sessions quickly run from a phone is game changing.

The team should be proud of what they have delivered so far and I look forward to seeing it develop.


Another thing that would be nice is a better explanation for how the plans are put together.

There are generally excellent descriptions of what the individual rides are designed to accomplish, but the plans, and the order of the workouts are something of a black box. Sometimes, as in longer and longer endurance rides for the Century plan, it is obvious. That is not always the case.


Yes I agree. Previously the plans I looked at had “choose this plan if…” info which I can no longer find.

@Heretic Note that there is something for the Building Block plans that is helpful - on the website:

How to Use the Building Block Plans

First, that is only about those plans, a minority of the total. Second, it does explain why you should pick one of those plans, but nothing about the logic of the order or importance of the individual workouts.
To use an extreme example, you could omit all the endurance rides in the century plan, and still achieve the expected 80% compliance.

@Heretic Ah - ok. Got it. I feel like one of the podcasts talked about this topic to a certain extent but maybe it would be a good future discussion.

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