1st 4DP test results


I have done a 4DP test and now I have a set of figures but what is the best way to utilise my results? I don’t know what to do with them.

My profile is ‘the pursuiter’

Many thanks

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The best way to use your new numbers (well done, by the way) is to find a plan that matches your goals and press go!

Your next question is: what plan?

I cannot answer this and, really, only you can because it depends on what your goals are, e.g. keeping fit, 300km road ride, criterium, sportives, gravel, mountain, track, etc.

If you are looking for advice (here or anywhere else) the more detail you can give the better the advice will be.

Good luck!


Thank you,

I’ve gone for ‘all purpose road’ because it allows novice and indoor only whilst ‘hilly gran fondo’ my other choice only has intermediate and advanced.

Since I’m fairly inexperienced I chose the former.

Lessons learnt on 4DP - choose a higher level than 2 for gears as I span out in top gear (on the 5 second test) so could have gone higher.

Well done on completing FF, All purpose is a great plan to go for and get you into a regular routine.

To understand more about your profile, here are some reading recommendations:

If you have any questions though, please feel free to ask away on here :+1:

Well done on completing your first FF.

If you look on the Passport section and then profile part (I use the IOS app), but I’m sure it’s the same on the web version, and then scroll down to past were it tells you, your rider type, the minions suggest workouts to address weaknesses and ones to improve Strengths. These are worth looking at and including in your training plan.