New training plan.... Advice

Hi all, I’m new to indoor training.
I’m struggling to decide what training plan to start! I’ve only been training indoors for 1 month now and I can’t wait to get back outside and see what improvements I’ve made already! I was following the Knighthood training plan and planned on storming the castle on Wednesday but having to postpone due to the latest lockdown, might actually suffer more with homeschooling…

Do I choose a plan and continue to cycle outside for example…
I’m looking at the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo over the 12 weeks, But I also quite fancy improving my MAP and FTP so I thought doing the 2 plans for them both starting on the same day for 4 weeks equals about the same time in the saddle as the Mountainous.

My overall goal is to become a stronger cyclist for longer Sportives and an end goal of cycling Scotland’s North Coast 500 in 3 days…

Any advice would be amazing.

Have you done a full frontal yet?
If not, I would do the FF prep, and then do a FF.
Whatever plan you pick you want it to be based on your true cycling profile.

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@Heretic yes I’ve taken the FF when I first bought the trainer and retook the test after a month since I got used how to cycle indoors/gear selection.