What to do next

Hi all long time Sufferlandrian first time forum member and post!

So hitting FF tomorrow at the end of my intermediate all round road plan feeling much better than 12 weeks ago and after surgery last year so keen to see tomorrow’s results.

My question then is what to do next?

Sounds odd but lots on the app and it should be CX season but covid has nailed that option so where do you go? Just plug your new numbers back in and go round the block again or do you do something else?

It’s winter so road riding is out, racing is off so I’m keen to improve for Spring.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.
Cheers :+1:

My vote is for the pre-season CX plan, or even better, a plan you never would have normally done?


I’m a week into the pre-season XC MTB plan. I’m enjoying it so far.

Perhaps consider what your early-season goals are and start working towards that. Depending on where you are, you’ve probably got time for at least two training plans.

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Breakfast with Boz

Check out the Breakfast with Boz podcast that just came out as it deals with transitioning to indoor riding in the winter including strength and flexibility and provides an interesting perspective on base training.

I just finished in season MTB and will probably try the Volcano Climbing and perhaps the MAP specific training and definitely will work on more strength and flexibility in the offseason.

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CX plan looks good ErickT problem I have is I live in the fens so difficult to find some off camber here unless it’s a ditch… :thinking: But I’m liking the idea of doing something different for a mix up

I’ve got a full season until CX kicks off again although I do enjoy a bit of grass track as well. Other than that normal goals would be to ash the other guys on the weekend club runs :grin:

Got the podcast downloaded and the others look awesome as well. Thanks for the steer

So Full Frontal results are in

Nice improvements on FTP and MAP by 15% and AC and NC by 10% so super pleased.