Question on FF numbers

A couple of weeks ago I did FF and had some technical issues. While I got improvements they were minimal due to power dropouts and the like. I also completed the 5 and 20 minutes using ERG with what I thought were realistic targets as I had issues with Slope mode.

Long story short, I manually adjusted my 5 and 20 minute numbers up to what I thought were realistic and a 5% improvement over my last FF.

Now started another 12 week plan and, maybe this is mental rather than physical, I have found the workouts strangely do’able. Far easier than after my previous FF where I struggled to hold targets. This week with Shovel and Butter I had no issues or problems holding the power targets and my HR remained reasonably low (possibly thanks to my new toy, the Wahoo Headwind?).

Should I leave well alone and review after 6 weeks when the Full Monty is on the menu? Training Peaks is showing I have never been fitter and I have always found this a reliable gauge.

For sure, these planks work a treat! Outside with friends sustained efforts have always been an issue but this summer I am pulling them round rather than the other way round!


Sounds like you’re getting some awesome results with SUF! That’s fantastic. If the workouts feel a bit too easy, remember the the first week(s) of some of our plans are a little bit easier than the rest to provide an ‘on ramp’ into the training. If you still feel like they’re too easy, you could do Half Monty toward the end of your first rest week to adjust your FTP and MAP (and LTHR).


Thanks Sir David!

I have to say I love the way that the plans are now structured. While it may seem counter-intuitive to have rides at 40% of targets during ‘on’ weeks having done structured marathon training for the last 2 years I see the benefit.

Enough tough workouts mixed with recovery rides = less fatigue and bigger gains.

Last weekend I did a brutal ride (SkyMass) in 90+ heat with 7.5K of climbing in 81 miles with some serious climbing. But the beauty was that at the end I still felt fresh and the legs were absolutely fine - this is all down to the Sufferfest plans.

For anyone who doubts the wisdom of having reduced intensity workouts - trust the plans! They have an enormous impact.