Newby Question RE: Half Monty

I am a new user. I initially did a Half Monty test and I completely screwed it up. I didn’t know what I was doing. Since then I have learned more about the app and understand it better. The 4DP numbers I have been using are inaccurate. I have manually adjusted it, but I still know they are wrong.

I am now ready to redo the Half Monty test, but I am curious if the current 4DP settings will affect the outcome or process of the Half Monty?

Craig Woller

Hey Craig

Firstly, welcome to the forum!

Re Half Monty, it will only update your FTP (20 min) and MAP (5 minute) power numbers and also your LTHR. Your AC and NM power from Full Frontal (or manual settings) will remain until you change them manually or do another FF.

I hope that helps. I find HF is easier to get right once one has done it once because you know what to expect.

FF is an entirely different kettle of fish, and I’ve been putting my FF test off for way too long now.

Also, it’s worth being aware that some people get some differences in numbers between FF and HF. There’s an ace article on it which I’ll try hunt down for you now.

Edit: darn, can’t find the article I’m after although I believe Sir Neal and Sir Mac talk about it in the Knowledge podcast.

There are some more detailed answers here though:


Thank you!!!

Your current MAP, whatever you’ve manually adjusted it to, will set the size of the steps in the Half Monty ramp. Doesn’t matter if it’s off by a bit but if it’s set really low and you get to the end of the ramp then… you have to do it again. Your current FTP will set the recovery targets but just take it properly easy for those sections and you can’t go far wrong. The test will guide you through the HR constrained section based on the result of the ramp so shouldn’t be any issues there. Enjoy your redo.


Thank you!! Very helpful.

@cwoller – Both @DameLisa and @JamesT are spot on with their explanations and advice. The only other advice I would give is to follow the 7 Day Fitness Test Prep Plan and choose the Full Frontal Prep plan. Sure, Full Frontal is absolutely brutal, but as the others have noted, it will give you relevant NM and AC numbers and even more accurate MAP and FTP numbers. And having all of the 4DP values correct will give you the best experience in SYSTM. In fact, for most non-event plans, like the All Purpose or the Fitness Kickstarter plans, under the General Fitness section, will end after 6 to 12 weeks with a FF test. And this is great because then you can see how much you have progressed after completing the training plan. Yes, the FF Test is hard, but part of the reason we found our way into the Wahoo SYSTM ecosystem is because we are looking to be challenged and desiring growth! Happy Training :blush:


Thank you all for your responses. I re did the half monty and I think I got a much more accurate outcome. And I have decided to go ahead and do the full monty, as I can see that is what I really need to do to get an accurate picture.
Again, thanks!!!


…and may God have mercy on you soul!!(insert @Glen.Coutts sardonic laugh!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Welcome to Sufferlandria @cwoller, you can never leave. Don’t be worried, Full Frontal is a fun time. Fuuuuun tiiiiime. There are even puppies in it for cripes sake.

Grunter would be proud of both your efforts and your decision. #tuhntf

evil laugh

Rather than create a half Monty newbie question two I’m going to pile on here.

I did my mid plan Half Monty this morning and I had a question:

  1. Is the weight measurement important to the sums ?
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You’ll have to input a different weight and do it again. Then report back with the results :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Then do Full Frontal like @cwoller

All joking aside, I dunno. :blush:

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@BertieBoy I believe it relates to a watts per kilogram calculation.


My assumption has always been that “watts be watts” for MAP but I wasn’t sure if there was some smart scaling applied to heart rate during constraint.

Ha my next full frontal will be the last session before Christmas with the true gift of new numbers to come back to in January.

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