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The Science of Sport Podcast with Prof. Ross Tucker is one of my absolute favourites, especially when it comes to endurance sports (but also injury prevention). This is the latest episode with @Coach.Neal.H and one you should absolutely listen to. Lots of insight into coaching and training with regards to physiology and psychology


Thanks for sharing will give it a listen!

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I trhink you need to be signed in to a google account (top right).

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Search for it an a podcast player app and it pops up.

I use ‘podcast player’

Nice find!

Here’s the Spotify link:


@IsiSchneider_KoS Thanks for the link. I really enjoyed this podcast - especially the discussion on the link between physiology and psychology as respects athletes. There was also a good discussion of fitness trackers at the very end which was interesting.

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Baawwww…automatic :heart: for shaggy cow.


Hi all - just a reminder that you’ll able to hear a lot more from me and other members of our sports science team on The Knowledge podcast now available on iTune, Spotify, etc. !


I thought “The Knowledge” only applied to London taxicab drivers. :slight_smile: