Which building block to do before a cycling vacation?

Need some advice please, team!

I’m going away on holiday in four weeks time. I’ll be away for two weeks and will be doing some cycling out there (around 3-4 rides per week, between 30-50 miles each).

In the four weeks leading up to my vacation I was thinking of doing one of the building blocks plans, 3 weeks hard and 1 week recovery. My FF test gave me a rider type of Attacker, and my weakness as Sustained efforts. I have a fairly good base (I think?). My FTP is 2.8w/kg (I would like to reach 3w/kg) and I can ride 60miles, with 3000ft elevation at above 18mph avg.

So my question is, should I do the Base, Tempo, MAP or FTP block for the next four weeks?

After my holiday I intend to do Full Frontal followed by the 12 week All Purpose Road plan.


@djones632 What are your goals and where do you think you should focus in order to meet them. If you haven’t checked our the Mental Toughness workbook I would recommend taking a look and perhaps doing a few of the MTP modules on goal setting - both short and long term.

Mental Toughness Workbook

I have done the MAP building block but haven’t done FTP or Base. Take a look at the work in the MAP plan - it is pretty intense and there are no outdoor rides which might be a consideration for you.

@JSampson Thanks for the reply mate. I have struggled to set a tangible goal, but I would really like to get my FTP above 3W/kg. My MAP is only 3.5w/kg though, which seems low, hence why I thought of improving that to give me a higher ceiling for improving my FTP. Does any of that make sense?

@djones632 Okay - so a short term goal is to manage the upcoming 30 to 50 mile rides and a midterm goal is FTP and MAP and your long term goal is perhaps to reach your watt per kg goals depending on how close or far they are from your current numbers.

Seems like you could choose between Tempo, FTP and MAP. Tempo would definitely help prep for the upcoming long rides and FTP and MAP would help with your other goals. So it all depends on what you want to commit to before your vacation and also how you want to prioritize. As I noted in the earlier post, the MAP plan is a lot of work so keep that in mind especially if you have other life stresses that are happening right now.

Here is the building block guide plan in case you haven’t seen it:

Building Block Plans

Best of luck!

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Thanks for the detailed reply @JSampson!

The rides on my vacation will be pretty tough going with good climbs. Usually my rides there are around 1000ft elevation per 10 miles. I’ve decided to the FTP building block - it’s not overly intense, but should help me with sustained power output which is a weakness of mine. When I’m back from my holiday I’ll be doing FF followed by the 12-week All Purpose Road plan, which I’m excited about.


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