Nine Hammers Time for a fitness test

Hi Not quite a newbie now but still learning. I have noticed that nine Hammers seems to be the workout that grinds most people into the ground and where many either don’t finish, have to have extra pauses or they need to reduce their intensity part way through to complete the session. Well I did this workout this morning and whist reasonably hard I wouldn’t say it tried to finish me off. I am on a 12 week moderate 3:1 plan and am 6 weeks into it. Based on my approx 1 year previous training prior to joining Systm I set my FTP @180 watts which is 3 watts a kilo for me which initially for a nearly 69 year old I thought wasn’t too bad. I have found that on some workouts I have upped the levels a bit to make them a bit harder and have now settled on 200 watts. I did the Nine hammers workout based on that in ERG mode and found that, yes it was hard but nothing I couldn’t handle having an average HR of 116 BPM and a Max of 130 BPM (Max is 150) I wasn’t even rested and had done" standing starts" and “power station” on the previous 2 days and a fast 54 mile club ride the day before that! . My Direto trainer has pretty accurate power so is this an indication that after just 6 weeks I have got that much fitter? I have my first HM test in 2 weeks so really interested to see what that reveals. If go over 3.5 watts a kilo that would be brilliant.


Yes….or that your original guesses at FTP were too low….or both