Half Monty

Quick question regarding Half Monty.

I ended up doing the whole thing on Level mode, only to read afterwards the first half should be done in ERG.
How badly will this screw up my numbers?

Also, I didn’t realize the first few minutes the test had already started (way before the steps) hopefully that was only a warm up? My steady effort seemed to fit my numbers however.

My ftp result was 20 watts below what Zwift was telling me btw, but I consider this to be a truer test of fitness.



Subsequent workouts often serve as a litmus test for HM results. So time will tell.

I don’t know how Zwift calculates their FTP. If they follow a more traditional FTP protocol it could result in a wattage that is not sustainable for an hour. That being the case, seeing a reduced FTP in HM is not surprising.

Lastly, test results are not pass or fail, good or bad. I used to think of these as improvements meant I was training and gaining. Decreases meant I was out of shape, lazy or not training hard enough.

The reality is that test results simply are what you are currently capable of. Nothing more, nothing less. They exist to set your power targets for future training.


They do the shorter FTP test, so like you I’m not surprised. So much affects FTP results that really being off isn’t a surprise either, I bet if I did two test one week apart the numbers wouldn’t be the same (though close if the same method is used.)

I think it’s more important to have a baseline using the same repeatable method to gauge fitness, so going forward I won’t even think about that old number. It’s like comparing apples to donkeys, or goats to oranges.



@Jlopes Did you get any Error/ Compliance messages at the end of the test?

We recommend staying in ERG mode for the ramp because it’s difficult to maintain the power close enough to the target in level mode (but it is possible).

You can also direct message me your user email and I can take a look at your test to double-check.

Surprisingly I was able to keep it on track, but I was pretty taxed (which is normal anyway.) I’ll shoot you a message, but there were no compliance errors.

I’m curious to see how my next test goes when i use ERG mode.