Power bests

After todays Full Frontal I decided to look back over my all time power bests. One thing I have just noticed is no a single one of my top 15 bests for 20 minutes or 5 minutes come from any form of test. All 15 of my 20 minute bests are from races and other than a few hill climbs my 15 best 5 minutes also come from races. The tests start coming into the top 15 for 1 minutes and all of my best 5 seconds are from Full Frontals.

I am definetely giving it my all during the tests, but obviously the motivation or just following moves in races must give me more incentive. Does anyone else keep track and notice similar?

@Sir_Jim I have (jokingly) noted on multiple occasions that ALL of my records keep coming from FF tests, so the opposite I guess, but makes me wonder if I’m not giving enough during regular workouts!

I think I finally cracked my hour record with a Team Scream workout, and now (looking at my records) it’s apparently from the GCN Aerobic Endurance session - which I suppose makes sense. But everything else is still FF.

Logically, I would think at least the 20min (FTP) record would come from a workout, vice FF - like in your case. Being near the end of the test, I would expect the FTP effort to not be at your best, compared to an endurance session where you’re coming in on fresh legs.


One thing I have noticed that even if I apply the 0.95% rule to my 3 best 20minutes from my top 15 from races are still 50-60w higher and my 15th best is stil 2w higher. My 1 minutes are mostly from the Trick which is what I would of guessed as where the 1 minute comes in FF. I would of expected at least a few of my 5 minutes from FF to come in the top 15.

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This makes sense to me. Racing is a very different beast than testing and testing is different than training. In a race you’ve got adrenaline and concentration driving you. I would guess that if you trained using your power bests (from racing) you’d have a much harder time completing some of the workouts. Perhaps you need to test this theory for us and report back :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Ha, yes I may change my ftp to my best ever 20 minute and then give HHNF a go :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:


BARFY MCBARF HHNF is my absolute nemesis at the best of time. I don’t think I’ve ever made it through both 20 mins and that nasty little TT at the end without cracking at least once.

DO IT! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I just hit my all-time best 1min during… you guessed it… The Trick. All the rest of my power bests are from FF. But that’s also probably because I rarely race. And when I have raced, it was two years ago in outside triathlons without a PM, so… maybe I need to do more Zwift racing. But i don’t get much adrenaline from being last and trying to catch the second to last rider. :crazy_face: