Nit-Picks and Typos

Still though, worth trying to uninstal the SYSTM app completely, reboot your computer and download and reinstall a fresh copy of the SYSTM app. It won’t hurt and it might help.

It seems to happen only with the @Coach.Neal.H videos. I will not try this until sometime after the Tour. :slight_smile:

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Yeh. Understood. Someone else pointed out, I think, that the week with Sir Evil Smile was one of the first ones so they hadn’t quite nailed the sound recording stuff.


I recall it being specific to two or three @Coach.Neal.H videos. The Ian Boswell ones came at the same time and they didn’t have an issue with the audio. It would have been nice if they fixed the audio on those way back when the problem was discovered, but maybe it’s a bit more complicated to fix.

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Fixed (HR targets removed)! Thanks.


We think we’ve finally figured out what’s going on with audio on these rides (not everybody has the issue). Hope to have a fix up in the next couple of weeks.


I’m so glad a fix is coming. I ride with sound set to Mono since I’m deaf on the left. Mono didn’t work either for the solo Neal interviews but setting the speaker pure right did.


History Beta!

Just noticed that it shows ft and miles despite I’m an European rider.

Verify your display preferences in your SYSTM profile. My data is shown in km.


It was set to metric but saved once more and now it’s correct :white_check_mark: thanks