No “dame” greeting in new SYSTM app :(

I have (male) friends who are Knights of SUF, and when they loaded the new app they got welcomed as “Sir X”… how cute, I thought! imagine my disappointment when my own in-app greeting was just my name and not “Dame [mosephine]” :frowning:

is there a plan to update this?

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It’s possibly an issue with your profile in SYSTM. If you check the the minions they may be able to sort you out.

I did actually double check and my profile does show that I’m a KoS.

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Hmm… I would still pop a question to the minions just to be sure it’s not a technical issue. Because all Dame’s should be addressed as such. The intent (afaik) is to address all knight’s properly. Hopefully this gets fixed properly. @gpsjared Can you comment on this?

Definitely get the Minions onto this. I certainly get greeted with my honorific:


You’re not flagged as a Knight on here. I think this is a Wahoo account issue. It’s not easy to merge Sufferfest and Wahoo accounts so maybe this is the reason. BUT the Minions know this is important so they’ll sort it for you pronto!


Interestingly, I get greeted as “Sir” on my iPhone that I use for Yoga and Strength, but not on my PC which I use for my bike!

I believe I also lack the KoS honorific on here

so glad it’s just a glitch with my account! we worked hard for those honorifics, damnit! :wink:


I thought you were indeed a KoS Sir @Jon

Should be easy fix - just go into your preferences in this forum and change your Title +/- Flair.

You may also need to page one of the minions to get let into the KOS section, as well. I don’t think you can do that yourself.

The forum should be all good now Sir Jon! Please contact the minions regarding your PC.


Contact our CS team directly and they will fix this for you. Start that process here. Choose “SYSTM app” from the dropdown menu, fill out your info and relevant dates & data (if on hand) of your Knighthood and we’ll set things right in no time.

cc Sir @Jon - here’s the link for starting a ticket about this with the customer service team


I am. please contact the minions I’m sure they’ll sort it out :european_castle::crown:

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all fixed! thanks everyone :slight_smile: :crown:


That apostrophe hurt worse than Violater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I really wish they would turn editing posts back on. lol. I really reallly reallllly reallllllllly miss it. lol

You did hire me as your proofreader but I was too late (you repeated your apostrophe catastrophe with “knight’s”, too, so at least you are consistent :grinning: ).

Doesn’t clicking the little pencil icon under the post allow you edit?

At least I’m consistent. lol. And to think my wife comes to me to ask me about how to use apostrophes. :rofl:

It does, but it only shows up for about 10 minutes afterward. Then it disappears. It used to stay available for at least a month or more. I would often (quite often) fix my extensive library of typos many weeks later. :stuck_out_tongue: But not any more. See I just edited this one. But in a couple minutes I won’t be able to.

I did not know that. Weird.

It looks like the time limit is 10 minutes. I was able to see the pencil below my previous post, so I kept refreshing this topic every minute. After 10 minutes the pencil disappeared.

I need at least 10 weeks. :laughing: :see_no_evil:

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