Problems suffering this morning

Anyone having problems getting in to Systm this morning? For some reason it’s asking me to login (it doesnt usually), and doesn’t recognise my credentials. I’ve asked for a pwd reset and that doesnt seem to be coming through either.

Was there a software update?

Hopefully this isn’t wide spread - there are re-knighthoods happening… @emacdoug

Must. Suffer. Now.


@leebo Yes - I had the same issue.

yeah same here, i cant log in, wanted to get ready for my lunchtime suffering. Password reset doesnt work. And wahoo website has an overload it seems.

Me too…kind of glad it’s not just me!

Having the same issue right now, both PC app and website. No reset link was sent in the email.

same here

AAAAAAAAARGH! Sitting on the bike trying to do a workout. What is going on?

Yep. Seems to be systemwide.

Nothing must dull the suffering!

Suffering in a way I didn’t expect, right now. Suffering before I suffer. :see_no_evil::grimacing:



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This time we really all suffer the same.

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I assume the minions know. I can’t even find the blooming address to tell them…

@SYSTM_support ?

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Hi, exactly the same here just now!

Yep, they know. I’ve already messaged. :grimacing:


I was flippn’ carb loading. What to do? Can’t do that much yoga :rofl:

Wait, can’t do that either :sob:

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I know, right? It’s a disaster, I’m going to have to actually, like, do some work or something.


sun is shining here, but still cold… dont really want to go outside and do some like… real cycling.


Same thing happening for me this morning

Hi everyone - our team is currently working on this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, we know how much this stinks! @emacdoug has a Knighthood Quest to do FFS

Stay tuned for updates, we should learn more shortly.


iPad app, iPhone app and Windows computer app all logged me out this morning and I cannot log into any of them. Not good!

Same her last night and this morning on windows and iOS but I was able to log in fine on both devices