No Full Frontal at the start of All purpose Road?


I’m set to start all purpose Road plan on Monday and just noticed that it starts with an easy spin… I just assumed that it would start with a full frontal test to set my zones for the start of the plan.
Is this intentional? :thinking:

You need to do FF before selecting a plan to make sure it’s tailored to your weakness.

Sorry, that was probably a bit of a short answer :slight_smile:

The thing to remember is FF essentially gives you two things:

  1. A power profile (the four metrics), these will automatically adjust every subsequent workout you load as they will read your current settings

  2. Your rider type. This in turn identifies your weakness. When you apply a plan it will populate your calendar with the version of the selected plan that provides a bias towards workouts that will help your weakness.

As those workouts are populated at the point you apply the plan, that’s why it is intended you have an up to date FF to make sure the right workouts are selected.

Hopefully that helps explain why it is that way.

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