Picked plain

Hi all,
I’m new to sufferfest and I want to start my training for the spring and summer season (for now I don’t have any races goal). I start yesterday the plan all-purpose indoor/outdoor with yoga and mental. Now I have a doubt about the test. I don’t have doing any test I use my old ftp in 4DP session of the settings. I browse the plans and I found the transition ramp-up. I would know what is the correct path to perform the plan. or it’s simpyly the introduce today the ramp test. I would add strength plan too according to the rule TUE-FRI. How to do it?

Bye and sorry for my so-so english

Hi @albianir You could do the Transition Up plan to get you to a FF 4DP test in 6 weeks. It includes strength training (Tue & Thu). Alternatively, you can get to the FF 4DP test in 1 week with the Full Frontal Prep Plan (under Special focus). Only FF gives you a rider type and identifies your weaknesses. These affect which workouts will appear in your chosen training plan as well as the power targets within your workout. If you haven’t done an FF then your plan won’t be matched to your profile and you might be over or under-suffering (heaven forbid!)

Thank you very much, I just do it 1 weeke prep FF test. And after restart the all purpose plan