Full Frontal done - do training plans automatically add my weaknesses?

Just completed the Full Frontal - a couple of thoughts.

  1. Definitely need to practice the level mode and know how long it takes for the bike to adjust and how long it takes me to ramp up cadence. I didn’t quite nail it, but got within about 100 of what I was hoping for.
  2. I hate sprinting - the recovery hurts.
  3. Keep a bucket handy.

I came out as a sprinter, but that was expected. I’m a big guy at the moment but don’t want to be. Historically, I was a clydesdale - I could put solid work in, and go all day. That’s what I want to get back to.

It suggested that my weakness was in sustained effort (again, no surprise there) and that I should focus on Angels, Hell Hath no Fury and The Way Out to improve my weaknesses. When I added in the all round road training plan, I was hoping there would be a focus on my weaknesses but it doesn’t look like there is.

Am I missing something? Or is the plan the same plan for everyone and they adjust the effort of the FTP building parts of each session to work on the weaknesses?

My second question is that now I’ve done the 4DP, does this mean that EVERY session apart from recovery rides is now going to hurt as much as the FF test?


The plan will be tailored for the weaknesses identified in your 4DP test. It might not be repeated Angels and Hell Hath No Fury (both are very hard sessions, to build your sustained power takes more than just accumulating time around threshold).

And no, the plan will include harder sessions as well as easier sessions to allow for recovery between the big days. You can’t set PBs every day, but you can take maximum benefit from accumulating time at the right intensities. Some sessions might be ‘reduced intensity’ (it’ll tell you this in the calendar and automatically adjust the targets in the workout as necessary), or purposefully easier sessions. The IF number on each video can be used as a general guide for how hard it is, roughly. But this is only a general guide - some videos might be hard or easy on paper, but in practice it may be different.

And i agree on level mode - a lot comes down to the feel of your trainer and gearing on the bike. You’re spot on, just keep practising it and you’ll find what works for you.