Feature Request - Swim and Run Zones in Profile

Still exploring the update and saw the zones for cycling in profile. Would be great to get the ability to input out baseline times and have the app calculate them all out for us vs always looking for my printout.



Thanks for the feedback, and shall I say, “Great minds think alike” :wink:

All I can really say is, stay tuned :blush:


@WahooCoach_Corey Are you saying that this is “on the list” for cycling, but also running and swimming?

… and are we talking about for each sport, having individual zones for HR, Pace/Speed, and Power (running)?

(please please please!)


This would be fantastic because your heart rates for cycling and running are not even close well for me anyway can’t say about swimming but this would be brilliant :star_struck:

Any news on this? I am also hoping for this option to become available! Just like in Trainingpeaks…