No strength training for building blocks?

I wanted to do a 3-week building block before I start specific training for a hilly century. I don’t know why but the plan builder offers me to add yoga and mental training but not strength training. Why is this? All other plans have offered me the choice of including strength training

I’d imagine because the blocks are too short for the strength training’s “adapt and build” phases.

I get that. I’m doing a ramp it up 6-plan right now with strength training finishing next week. After that I have 3 weeks before my 12-week plan for the hilly century starts (also with strength training) i have to fill those 3 weeks up with something and I went for a building block. It’s just weird that there’s going to be a 3-week gap for strength training but I guess I just can always repeat some of the sessions I did during the ramp it up even if they are not in the plan

You can put in a 12 Strength plan separately that will carry you through.

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I would do that. Just repeat the last 3 weeks or the ones that were the hardest

@alopezor My guess is because the intensity is a bit higher on some of those plans but I just select the separate strength training (which is 12 weeks) and use that. You can just delete the plan when you finish and then add strength into your next plan. You may need to move some workouts around so that you are not pairing HIIT with strength.