No uploaded of workouts to TraingPeaks

As the title says my workouts are not uploaded to TraingPeaks. Despite I have allowed sharing.
I also have sharing to Strada without any problem.
Is this a problem with my accounts or do others also have the same problem?
I’m using a Ipad.

The best thing you could do with this is contact the minions who should be able to get you sorted pretty quick.


Hi @MSiipola, I’m sorry to see that your share didn’t share very well! The first thing that you should try is to log out of and back into the app. Next find the workout in your passport. Type a note in the notes section and hit the share icon. That should force things through. If that doesn’t work, you should contact the minions.

Also of note: Avoid using symbols or emojis in your workout titles. That can mess with things as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion! My workout was now uploaded to TraingPeaks.

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