Kickr snap connected but no power data

Has any one experienced an issue where the kickr snap pairs and is connected fine to Wahoo Systm but there is no data (power/speed) showing up in the app?

Clarifying questions:

  1. Does “no data” mean zeroes in the relevant box, a dash in the box, or no boxes that say “power” or “speed”?

  2. Are the speed and power icons green on the devices pop-up? If not, click them to turn them green. You’ll get more interpretable speed if you click the speed icon in Virtual Speed instead of for the KICKR itself.

I believe the screen shots below answers your questions.

Here is a screen shot of what I see in the Wahoo app when I look at the kickr snap device when I’m riding at ~25km/hr according to my bike computer.


Here’s a screen shot of a workout while riding. You can see my heart rate and cadence monitors are reading fine but no power or speed.


You don’t want to use the Wahoo Fitness app when you use SYSTM. Being connected to the Wahoo fitness app tells you nothing about whether you’re connected to SYSTM—and might even interfere.

What you want to do is click the gear on the top right of the SYSTM screen. It will show up when you click around up there. That will bring up a pop-up. There are three tabs along the top. The middle one is Devices. Click there and make sure your KICKR is connected to SYSTM. If it’s not listed, click on Add Device.

I hope that helps.


The WFA will interfere with SYSTM if they are open at the same time. AFAIK, the SNAP will only allow one app to connect via Bluetooth at one time (unlike the Kickrs). As @AkaPete points out above, check in the SYSTM app settings when you start a workout to check the connections (you can do that before you press play).