Nobody else misses Sufferfest Cadence Builds?

I’m surprised to find no mention of it disappearing, but I sure can’t find it. I’m referring to the Sufferfest version that had a video. It had no music, and maybe there are better videos, but there’s value in familiarity.

This one: SYSTM ?
It’s no longer tagged as a “Sufferfest” video but it’s still there.


You know, I had forgotten that from the library menu you could click on the big “cycling” button up top left and see all cycling workouts. I had just assumed they all were in some category in “Explore by Channel” section. As far as I can tell, it is not any channel. But since you pointed it out, I looked harder, and yep, it’s there in “Cycling.” Thanks. I wonder what else I’ve been missing recently.


I feel like this is an oversight still. The only way you’d bump into this through browsing around (without having already known or thought about it) is through the techniques and drills filter. You can’t really casually browse the entire cycling catalog. It looks like the same thing happened with tapers, elements of style and standing starts. I guess I can see that in “modern” times it might confuse people (who don’t know the history) why these are in a section about suffering. And maybe there aren’t enough of them to justify their own category? They seem kind of lost and forgotten now though.


how about the search bar option and enter cadence?

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It does show up in the “Wahoo Fitness” channel, along with workouts like Elements Of Style, Tapers, and the Open xx series. It looks like this is where workouts without the SUF elements of music and storyline have been categorized.

It’s also been in a few of the training plans I’ve done recently.

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Second entry on the list (when I tried it).

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I 1000% agree with you. These videos do not belong in the Wahoo Fitness category. Yea, they might not be typical SUF vids but they’re steeped in Sufferlandrian references. Elements of Style for example opens with a Star Wars type history of the Couchlandrian occupation and what it took to overcome it.

Maybe Sir @Rupert.H will hear the pleas of the people of Sufferlandria and have The Company put them back where they belong.

If they want to have the same stuff in the Wahoo Fitness category then why not just make a duplicate where the video is stripped and create a no-vid?


hello and sorry for hijacking this post,
but, is everyone else experiencing calf issues, when doing the top spin segments in cadence builds,
everytime I do them, I my calf hurts after, because of the low resistance and high spinning.
and why is it limited zo 135rpm on the kicker bike ?
kindly daniel

The Channel organization is a bit of a mess. “Wahoo Fitness” seems to be a general dumping ground for things that don’t fit the other categories. Also note the “Wahoo Fitness” channel doesn’t appear on the main “Library” screen, only when you go into Cycling. Instead the same icon is used for “Getting Started” which are how-to videos.

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There is a hardware limiter on the KICKR Bike (I think v1 only?) at 130rpm as above that apparently the internals will get damaged so to protect itself it’ll jack up the resistance to keep you from going higher.

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I think that was removed in firmware, as I can exceed 140 on my KICKR Bike V1.

Huh, maybe it was a mid-lifecycle change then? My v1 (purchased Nov 2020) is still limited at 130 and there hasn’t been a public firmware release since 2022.

What 130 rpm limit !!! That’s sacrilege, unless you hitting 200 rpm straight to flogging station.

Open the App and check what firmware level you are at. My KICKR Bike has updated firmware a couple of times since 2022, although I couldn’t find any documentation on the web. If there is an update, it will tell you. Click on KICKR Bike under My Sensors on the home page, then click on Sensor Information, and you can see the update level.

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Ok, it’s a channel that isn’t on the main page, and can only be found through the filters menu. These seem swept out of view to me. My “vote” would probably be to just stick them back in Sufferlandria where they belong, but another channel or category visible from the main library page would be ok too. “Wahoo Fitness” can mean anything. Could be “Suferlandrian Drills.” I thought at least some of these were Suferlandrian before they were Wahoo too, for what that might matter to anyone.

No Idea about the kicker, but low resistance and high rpm does not hurt my calves personally. High cadence can challenge your neurological coordination and I feel can cause some “clinching” of some things, but I think tightening arms and core serves a function, maybe to stabilize against bounce. I never had my calves tighten.

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Or, just link the same vids in to multiple channels. I don’t see any problem with being able to find something in multiple ways. No need to make a different version.

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I like this idea!