🎶 The Sufferfest Playlist on Spotify 🎶

:notes: Many of you have asked about a more recent playlist featuring the tunes used in Sufferfest videos.
Here is a Spotify playlist that answers that question.
It’s not 100% complete or up to date but we’ll be working on it.


YASS!!! Thank you sooo much.

Speaking of playlists, could we get music for the Cadence Builds SUF video? I listen to my own music, but I find that it really helps when the music is fitted to what is going on in the video the way it is in the other SUF videos. If I’m supposed to be spinning fast it’s helpful to have a fast tempo on the music.


Thanks :+1:

+1. There’s mostly a story there already so howzabout the full SUF treatment? Please pleez pliers?? :pray::pray::pray::pray: :cherries: It’s a ride I’ve done A LOT!!


Fantastic :star_struck:. Love listening to the existing playlists, they always put me in the mood for a SUF session.

There should be some sort of prize for a Sufferlandrian who can listen to the playlist, and identify the workouts in which they appear.


This!!! :heart_hands:


This song list came just at the right time. :+1:

Not being a fan of the ProRides and having done UCI before, playing the song list was very motivating during the Tour stages.

I did split them in “relaxed” and “training” songs to keep the energy levels right.

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