TOS Stage 5! - Open! Official Thread

Who wants to go on a trip to Norway?


Oh man… These 50 hr days are making my head spin! I have not come around to do stage 4 yet even!

By the way already located in Norway which is good, saves me the flight and I can be better prepared :+1:


Yes, heavens, I’m licking wounds from stage 4,the thought hasn’t occurred to start with stage 5 today!
One of my friends has already delayed his quest by a day due to the 50 hour window, I’m just focusing on doing each stage each morning as my day starts off.


Really a question, if I “want”? :joy:


By the way, let me post a photo of what the scenery COULD have looked like. The place is called Gaularfjell, and featured in the 2017 edition of the race Tour des Fjords (which partly merged with Tour of Norway in 2019, and partly became Hammer Stavanger which features in Team Scream).


My SUF airlines in-flight magazine here tells me that the first fjords were carved through the land by the lactic acid of ancient Sufferlandrians…


Ok, i really enjoyed today’s stage.
A lot more than i initially imagined.

I don’t know if it’s the immersive experience, the fact that i cannot feel my legs after all these days, or both, but it didn’t cross my mind to give up, not even for a split second.


just been there. nice. tried to get away but… well, strong finish anyway :biking_man::muscle::+1:


Love it. Time flies when suffering. Pleasant suprise to see reduced targets on focused option compared to doing Norway when first released. Feel so good am now off for an ice swim :smile:


I enjoyed it, the very frequent changes made time fly by. My legs are cooked, but have stopped complaining. Just as I think I’m not sure I’m going to finish, there is a small piece of recovery. Then I remember that every session seems geared to be able to almost break me, so it’s just mental toughness needed to finish because biologically I should be able to do it. Then it’s head down, get on with it and I’m done.

Really enjoying the tour so far. Not so sure about the final day though.



I loved this. Rode it last week when it was released, thought it was great then, but appreciated it even more today on tired legs. The focus on the race really made me forget the fatigue and the constant changes of pace worked like a dream on ERG mode, I really felt like I was racing (and was very pleased with a top 10 finish!). Loved the drinks prompts and the DS too. Is it the same guy from Team Scream? Sounds similar (especially the “c’mon c’mon” comments) but couldn’t quite decide. Awesome anyway. Thanks.


loved this ride, the time just flew by and being in the action was fantastic, legs are tired and was maybe thinking i should dial it down but left it at 100 and totally got sucked into the story line…i was however starting to dislike Carl, he attacks way too many times :rofl:…but great workout and is now on my list of favs


Ok. Trinn 5 fullført. Grunter, Minions, du er dårlige mennesker og bør revurdere livsvalgene dine.

Vent - hva? Det ser ikke ut som Engelsk. Hva skjer?


Joking aside, that’s the hardest I’ve ever worked on a Sufferfest video. I went from grimacing to kind’ve hooting to full-throated roaring there at the end. Chapeau!


Also wanted to add that my six year old son has caught the Tour bug, he had me put his bike on the old “dumb” trainer this morning and he rode the whole of Norway with me, cheering at whooping all the way. Future Tour Of SUF winner for sure.


That was a lot of fun, great addition.
If possible, can the speed show the speed of the riders in stead of slow old me? Would add to the experience I think.


Well done! Sounds so good. Going to do it in a few hours. Really hoping for a top 10 finish too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How good is NORWAY! Well done Sufferfest, felt closer to racing for real than any other session.


Det var en spennende opplevelse, ikke sant. Det er skikkelig ‘immersive’. Føler meg nesten som jeg er blitt nordmann

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Loved the workout, only slight gripe was the variance between the countdown timers got a bit irritating and I missed a few jumps. Rather have a consistent 5 seconds every time than anything between 10 and 2 or 3 which is what it seemed to be. My little iPad mini screen is part of the issue I suppose.