Stage 5 Viking Helmet Fund Raiser Mike B KoS

Hello Great Collective Suf Mind
Gerry Stephenson made a suggestion that I Should wear my aero knights helmet for Norway. But that seemed to lack a certain something, so after a trip to a craft store, etc I present the newly updated (for this Tour only) Horned Knights Helm which I intend to wear during the entire Norway stage if I can raise an additional $100 for the DPF between now and Wednesday. I will wear the sunglasses and the Knight kit too which I typically only bring out for special occasions for the entire Norway Ride during Stage 5

What say you Nation?…


Great stuff. Donated!

But how will I get my proofe? :wink:

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Thank you Pierre. Well I will for sure post pictures of me doing it here. Im also gonna ask around about live streaming options.

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Twitch is definitely an option for live streaming. :grin:

Good luck, that looks like an epic helmet

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@DameLisa - hints to stream the Suf on twitch? And have you tried squad streaming at all for more than 1? Or if riding with others, do you just do Discord on another device?

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I donated to Mike B as well!

Thanks Dame Lisa, Im gonna try Facebook live

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When? When? :slight_smile:

Tonight (Wednesday) 7 pm Mountain Time (Alberta, Canada) on Facebook Live