NoVid Workouts Outside

I am currently doing the Olympic Distance Intermediate Program with Intermediate Strength.

The weather is finally getting better and want to do my workouts outside. I have two big tempo sessions that are NoVid Workouts. Is there a way I can put the novid workout into my head unit? Maybe get a list of HR targets? I have found that the run workouts are easy to create on my connect app and certainly has made my runs enjoyable and engaging. Want to do the same for my rides!

Thank you in advance.

I don’t believe you can export SUF workouts, but you could replicate the no-vid power profile in Training Peaks and then upload that to your head unit.


Hey Enrico,
Great to hear you’re following one of our plans! Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity right now to export workouts to. ahead unit.
If you feel confident replicating the rides definitely go ahead and enjoy being outside.

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Did one of them this past weekend! It was a lot colder than expected but it was a good workout nonetheless.

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I have a Garmin Edge 1030 Plus that I use on my bike. Today I manually created Who Dares as a ‘workout’ in Garmin Connect, loaded it into my Garmin and executed it outside. It worked pretty well! I can’t seem to share it with you so I’ve attached a screenshot.

Maybe there’s a better/more efficient way to do this but this was a quick fix for me. I did need to enter my FTP in my Garmin and it calculated the power zones. I upped my FTP from what is on my SUF profile to have the power numbers align to what Who Dares was asking of me.

I can add more details if this is confusing.

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You can use an app like TrainingPeaks to create a workout and export that to your head unit