No vid workouts- to outdoor Wahoo workout upload?

Does anyone know if there’s a way to take the No-vid workouts and upload to a head unit?

I would think that Wahoo and Sufferfest being combined would have a way to do this. It would be an amazing feature for us Sufferlandrians!


Yes please!

Also, upload of these back to The Sufferfest would be awesome.

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Honestly, I’m so confused. I’m new to Sufferfest and I have an outdoor ride coming up with a very detailed workout. But there is no start button lol. How do I do this? I figured there may be audio. I feel like I’m missing something.

When the training plans were through Training Peaks it was possible to upload them to my Garmin headunit through the IQ App. Is there still a way to do this when choosing a plan within the App?

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Manually create the no vid workout in training peaks as a ‘workout’ and then transfer to your head unit device through training peaks?

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I’ve submitted a wish to have these workouts available within the app ages ago, and since then I’ve seen the same sort of wish pop up a couple of times from others.

It seems it’s not something they want to do…seeing how creating a NoVid workout on the fly should be a rather trivial endeavour (unless they seriously overcomplicated the framework)

It used to be possible to email the Minions and have them create a training plan for Training Peaks with the workouts, which you could then use to send the workout data to your head unit… but I don’t know if that’s still an option.
It’s a rather ugly workaround in any case…

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