Nuclear recovery / surgery

I completed last year’s tour on nuclear and am ready for this year, most definitely on nuclear! Coming to the end of the prep plan the legs are feeling strong and I’ve settled into my new 4dp numbers.

I was hoping to get some feedback on recovery - specifically with regards to undergoing surgery shortly after, as I am booked for cervical surgery [fix nerve impingement at c5/6 and c6/7, very very annoying] 2 days after the tour.

I know I’ll be run down - but in a good way, and I am hoping I am not putting myself at any significantly greater risk. There are both mental and physical rewards from the ToS, and certainly from a mental perspective, I cant think of a better way to start my ‘recovery’ from surgery.

I’ll ask my doctors of course, too.

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I’m not a doctor or an expert, although I have had required several surgeries over the years. Surgery takes a lot of energy to heal. Personally, I’d never go into a surgery tired or still recovering from a major event. I imagine it might increase the risk of complications and add time to surgical recovery. Just my guess.

If it were me, I’d skip the tour or do it at the Get me Through it level and still skip the last day or two if I was feeling fatigued. But good luck to you with whatever you decide.