Post Tour Recovery for a race


So a week before the tour started I did my KoS and am still feeling it now while in the tour. As a result I am greatly reducing some bits (70-75% and stills struggling). That said, a week after the tour finishes there is a local race that I would like to do well in. It’s a time trial… up a hill… sorry… a mountain. 21km, 1000m of climbing. Average around 5%, but plenty of 10%. My PB was 1h15, but that was 10 years ago, so not expecting that again. :slight_smile:
My question is then what is the best thing I could do for the week after ToS finishes in order to not be completely wrecked for the hill climb? Recovery ride every day? Every second day? Anything outside Z1 or not? Of course, lotsa yoga will be performed! I have seen the post tour plan - but I only have one week to recover.



Hey Chris,
Wow sounds like you’re burning the candle at both ends at the minute with lots of awesome challenges lined up!
I would honestly take some well deserved recovery next week and not put too much pressure on your self for your next event. Check out the post tour recovery plans and do some short inspiration rides (max 55mins) and Recharger.
If you want to discuss your training and strategy with a coach, we’re here to help:

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Thanks Coach Rupert. Not surprisingly I have come down with a cold, so I probably won’t finish the Tour. Bit of a shame, but I need to rest now. :grin: