Surgery break

Hello Sufferlanders, i was in the middle of my second all purpose road plan when my doctor said I needed surgery, my question is how do I pause my workouts until im ready to continue? And should I restart where i left off? Kind of a newbie at this at 57.
Thanks in advance


Hey @Addict,
Welcome to the Forum! Sorry to hear about surgery getting in the way of your training. My recommendation is to put in 2-3 easy weeks after upon release to exercise by your surgeon. After the easy weeks, start a brand new plan with your doctor’s blessing of course. Hope you heal quickly!!


Hello, @Addict.

I’m not a coach, but from other similar posts I’ve seen, I suggest the following.

If you’ll be off the bike for more than a week, your surgery and recovery might have affected you enough that you’ll be best served by removing the plan, retaking FF once you’re cleared for exercise, and loading the training plan of your choice after that.

There’s a very important progression that goes on for every build and recovery cycle, so interrupting it and jumping back in at the previous FF numbers at a future point (without having worked through the progression) is likely going to be frustrating and too demanding after the loss of fitness from the surgery and the recovery period. Even if you don’t want to see lower numbers, asking your body to perform at the previous level is unfair and it’s an unrealistic expectation.

The proper term is “Sufferlandrians” in plural​:facepunch::sunglasses:

Good luck!


Great advice! it’s also less stressful to just get back to feeling normal through my recovery process. Thanks again, i stand corrected Sufferlandrians!


Thanks coach, sounds like the safest route for me. What do you suggest i do during those 2-3 easy weeks after I’m released by my surgeon?
I typically train after work around 6 and do outside group rides on the weekends, I’m already missing the outside ride. Much appreciated.

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No worries. First, follow doctor’s orders then I’d suggest easing back into riding slowly. Start with a recovery type week 3-4 very easy, short rides. Go easier than you think you should ( like your recovery week in your plan). After that first week , add volume and intensity slowly (~10%/week) . See how your body responds and back off if necessary. Group rides should wait until you are back to full strength. It’s much better to start back cautiously . Let us know how it goes.


I’m 2 weeks out of Achilles surgery and have 6 more weeks to go. I’ll just start at square one and go from there after seeing where I am at and how I feel after that first week or so back.