Observations from today's FF

Full Frontal day for me today. Improvements in all categories. Smile.

During the penguin waddle I managed to trip over my cable supplying the Wahoo Kickr Core. It’s a great design as it unplugs and easily from a connector rather than breaks. Mercifully it has a really good capacitance in the power-brick and I was able to reconnect the cable before the Bluetooth connection to the PC went down. Phew, the clever design made up for my stupidity on that one.

I did of course set the Sufferefest to Level mode as instructed but it seemed to keep changing the level and especially during the 20min test I kept having to hit the keyboard to keep it in the level I wanted. It was most distracting. Then about 15mins into the FTP test it started to behave consistently.
What I had done was to record to Zwift on my phone as well as the SUF on the PC. Zwift kept trying to change the trainer resistance as I encountered different slopes. At a certain point the 25km free ran out and Sufferfest was able to control the trainer properly. So on that one my stupidity caused me stress.


So glad you survived you self inflicted near disasters … the penguin walk is crucial to get right. Now you get to suffer properly with your new and oh so fresh EnterPainMent numbers. TOS2021 here you come.

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I’m committed (in more ways than one) to the ToS 2021. I’m looking forward to it (or least to surviving it) but my numbers are a fair bit higher than last year which should make it tougher.
And, yes I attribute those higher 4DP profile numbers to training with the Sufferfest.

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