Kickr RUN

Very excited to see this!


The feature set looks good with some great integration with Zwift - interesting to think about future integration with SYSTM (a SufferFest for runners! )

Common design nods to the Bike are really nice, and good to see The Company venturing into a new niche with a premium product - hopefully indicates good times ahead.

If only I had space…!


Weirdly, the sufferfest run videos have been removed from the library. They are NoVid workouts now.

I would suspect they will be back and updated this summer with the launch of the Run.

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I hope so!

It doesn’t look promising. The Company removed the vids and the text at the opening says the video was removed due to “license expiration”.

What’s with the vowels? Why is it not Rn ? :nerd_face:
I think the only thing that’s putting me off is the price tag for v1 and I really really don’t wanna pay early adopters tax on expensive stuff. Otherwise, on paper it sounds like the best one out there.

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Super excited for this. Game changer for sure. I am imagining the transition from indoor training to outdoor running being pretty minimal. Also reducing the mental agony of the old school Dreadmills.

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