NEW: Essential Cycling Training Plans

Wahoo SYSTM Essential Training Plans

@Coach.Neal.H and the Sports Science team have been keeping busy making sure you keep your training on track!

The Essential cycling plans are designed to be able to give athletes a flexible short to long-term training plan that includes three key cycling workouts each week to help them improve their general fitness and take the greatest advantage of training with purpose, progression and structure. All of the workouts can be completed indoors, outdoors, or any mix of indoors and outdoors that your schedule might allow - especially if you’re using a Wahoo ELEMNT bike computer to follow the structured workouts. While the workouts in the plans are scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday its perfectly fine for you to move the days around based on your calendar. Simply drag and drop a session on your calendar to a different day and you’re all set. We’ve planned the mid-week sessions (Tuesday & Thursday) to be generally shorter in duration and higher intensity, reserving the weekend session (Saturday) to be a longer lower-intensity endurance training session. We have purposely not included any cross training or training add-on options like yoga, mental training, or strength training - but you are free to add any of those stand-alone cross training add-on plans on top of your cycling essential training plan if you’d like…or just complete your normal week additional exercise/training routine.

Find out more about how to use this in your training here:


Fantastic! just what i needed, thankyou @Rupert.H and @Coach.Neal.H


Absolutely awesome. My wish is your command and you have fulfilled it. Max Gainz Min Time. I’ve following minimal time workouts lately and will certainly give this a look.

Good plan by the way for the WahooX business moving forward. More training plans for different market segments and targeting the really really time crunched rider a good step forward. You need some more for other market segments now. Good job, now stop resting on your laurels and get back to work.

My next wish is for plans where you have less time but can do more regular days? Perhaps choosing how many days a week you can ride and what time limits. Get to it then!


I’m excited to try this! I usually quit training by mid-May as my job eats my energy during the summer peak months and I want to spend weekends out and about. I’ve been thinking about trying to purposely drop the volume rather than my usual All or Nothing but struggling with what to pick. Planning to retest then try it


Nice addition to the plans :+1:

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Nice! I’m excited for this

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I just wanted to give Wahoo the thumbs up on these plans. I think they’re great. Particularly like the progressive nature of them. I’m mixing in the monthly challenges and other activities I do. Finding my fitness level is gradually increasing.


Thanks for the feedback and great to hear they are working for you!