Off season, Building block plans and Taking a break- What do Sufferlandrians do?

Hi, you can add strength, yoga or mental training to any plans by going in the cross-training plan menu.

I was struggling with the same question since I was on the advance strength training session. I decided to add the flexibility yoga and mental training since I took this plan to let the body regenerate.


Very good call.



I think my plan will be:

  1. Follow wind-down plan for at least November and December
  2. Add SUF Strength over the top
  3. Self-program additional strength work during the week that should be more challenging from a max force perspective (e.g., pullups, banded pushups, pistol squats, plyometrics). I’ll probably do one exercise before each of the planned SUF STrength sessions, plus one extra day solely devoted to these exercises.
  4. I’ll probably sub in cross training for a lot of the programmed indoor rides, attempting to follow "the spirit’ of the programmed ride and/or just maintain a good mix of hard and easy days.

Overall i think the tools available here will work well.

Responding to #2, I’m liking the building block plans, they are a great way to add in a plan while also enjoying the last of the outdoor season. The base and tempo blocks are something you can more easily do some calorie restriction with, compared to the other more energy demanding and extensive suffering that takes place in other plans.

Definitely agree with the mental reset and prepare for the all purpose road plan.


Hey thanks @Joel_Weiss @devolikewhoa @Yanick very helpful for your thoughts and input on this

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