TOS Strava Ride Images

Hi All

I’ve created a full set of banners for your Tour of Sufferlandria Strava rides. I wanted my tour rides to stand out from my usual SUF rides and draw some attention to get donations via Strava.

If you would like to download these images and upload to Strava all I would ask is that you make a small $5 donation to my page here:

Full set below:

Hope you all like them. Well done all and keep going!


Donated, thanks for the effort. These look cool!

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Done. Great idea, and I’ll post them with pride.

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Thank you both, that’s really kind of you. Good luck!

All the designs look brilliant and I’m looking forward to using them. I’ve donated. Great effort!

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Good work. I’ve donated. Look really great :+1:

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@Michael_Elder Great idea - I donated and will upload to Strava. Best of luck with the rest of your tour!

Thanks all!

Thanks! Looks great!

Thanks for these, I used them on Strava too, they look really good!!

Brilliant! saved and donated thank you very much!

Thank you all so much and well done!!!