Official Tour of Sufferlandria Announcement

So looking forward to this! This will be my first ToS and I can’t wait. Especially after reading all the posts about it at prior years tours…Just loaded the prep plan into my calendar. Which falls conveniently 5 days after fresh FF numbers on the tail end of 12 week AP road plan


Hi Magnito, you have obviously done the mental toughness training; looking on the bright side of things :+1: You’re right, we are very lucky in New Zealand to have everything back to normal and as you say, have races on. Thanks for keeping things in perspective and enjoy the Tour!


So looking forward to this one… with the year we’ve all had and a house move thrown in.

What better way to toast the new year and my new cave with another fine tour of our glorious nation.

See you in the race village!!


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This might be the first year I can join in for the TOUR! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile: All spring-marathons seem to be canceled because of the pandamic.

Hi Folks,

just a heads up I seen this link on other sites and it’s broken 404, PAGE NOT FOUND

Looking forward to first tour.


Should be


Hehe, Cheers @K-war! Actually, I have only been with SUF for a few weeks, so I am barely getting started. But I am motivated to do the MTP very soon, hoping to improve my deep digging skills :brain: :muscle:


Very excited to read about the Tour.
It has been mentioned that the Tour would be a great training for Knighthood. How would one combine the two? Would the Post-tour-plan suffice with a Knighthood at the end instead of the 4DP?

I would advise doing the FF 1 week prep plan, do your FF to get the right suffer numbers. Then the TOS prep plan I think starts in January. Do the TOS and then about 2-3 weeks later allowing for proper recovery attack. the castle keeping in mind this is about 10 hours in the saddle. Best of luck and we will see you in the village and the 9 Hammer Tavern during the TOS.


Whaaaaaat how did I miss this!? This is 100% why I don’t use the forum AT ALL. You just made my day :smiley:

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting the announcement and dates - just missed the 2020 tour so I’m fired up for seven days of suffering!

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When races have a reduced distance, what happens?? Everyone goes hammer and tongs at the drop of the flag. I bet the Suff tour will be no different. I cannot imagine Grunter having sleepless night because he gave us 2 days off.


How do you join up to that as the link to register is still for 2020 tour? I have added the pre plan but want to join the actual tour now to make sure I have a challenge and dont try to get out of it :slight_smile:


Hi there. Don’t think the link is out there yet (might be wrong).
As the time approaches we’ll likely get a post including links to the DPF site for our donation/fee, notes on where to find your own personal challenge dashboard, and more fun links and videos to watch.

My guess is we’re still in the holiday period and we won’t see that till after everyone’s back.

It will come though :slight_smile: and def something to look fwd to. Enjoy.


Coolio it’s just there is a link to register but it’s for lsdt years. As long as I am not being dim and mudding something that’s all cool.

Thanks, HNY :ok_hand:


That’ll all get sorted for sure.

Start eating now …

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I am starting keto on 4th… crikey it could be a disaster! Thanks

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Where can I sign up for this event?

I dont think the link to register is out yet, you can do the pre training plan which you can find in training plans and the link to join comes out on 12 January apparently so you can register for the Tour of Suf then - that is what I am doing anyway.