Official Wahooligans Zwift Club

For those of you who stray to the dark side sometimes, The OFFICIAL WAHOOLIGAN Zwift club is live and open for business with 3 weekly group rides, first one today:

  • Thursdays 7pm ET
  • Saturdays 9am ET
  • Tuesdays 1200 ET

Join the club and complete a ride to earn the in game Cuore club jersey! And don’t forget to tell your friends!!



“The dark side” he says.



Wow. I guess this was inevitable given the ubiquity of the big orange Z program and the recent agreement between Wahoo and Zwift to work together. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Wahoo is giving up on Systm/WahooX; though the recent staff departures are not encouraging. :face_with_peeking_eye: Maybe it’s time to give the big Z program yet another try. Every time I have in the past, I just come back to The Sufferfest channel within Systm. I really, really, really do wish that the word “Wahooligan” was retired and replaced with something less offensive.


@omarcastz Pretty sure it doesn’t mean that based on the interview with Chip Hawkins.


If you change the name, away from the troublesome Wahooligan, to something neutral like Wahoo Zwift Club then more people will join. Including me. Simples.


Is this an actual thing 'cos it feels a bit like you’re trolling the forum here. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Zwift is good for what it is but wahoo have far better training plans and workout. Thats not even debatable in my opinion. Zwift is fun for racing and group rides.


Yep. That’s why I’m on Wahoo, great workouts and 4DP plans with amusing videos to distract from the tedium. However, there are things Wahoo could do better in those respects, and they should, IMO, if they want to keep the platform alive.


I joined, but can’t find the ride under “events “. I’ve done 2 Zwift rides so far and trying to keep an open mind so I want to try a few different events.

If you’ve joined the club, and if you have the Zwift Companion app installed on a device, go to the Clubs area, select the Official Wahooligan club, then Club Events - you’ll see the events there.

I’ll be riding at the 9:00 EST event in 90 minutes…



Blasphemy, you’re all going to rot in orange hell surrounded by cartoon bots!


Thanks for the ride today, Sir @Rupert.H. You seemed to be doing intervals. Were you doing a certain workout? Or just having fun?

And R Kamchatka, you really smashed it!

Next time I need to remember to add the #Wahoominati hashtag to my name.


Thanks @emacdoug I was doing my Boswell race winning efforts for the Wahoo X challenge - wasn’t enough to keep up with you in todays race though!
Congrats on earning a New Jersey :raised_hands:


Sadly, there is a Wahoo club and it has nothing to do with the company.

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Some part of what we pay for WhaooX membership is now spent for animating use of a platform we already or soon have to pay extra. Love it.

What bothers the most is that part of the price increased was justified with the access to RGT. I’m not sure what direction the “wa-hooligans” are aiming at now but it seems is for a push of having us paying two apps…of course in the end is our decision. Anyways, waiting for the “January announcements” to see if I keep my subscription or not. I hope they’ll give me reasons to stay.

Edit: long live the sufferfest!

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unbefkalievable that people are hung up on the name. I guess you should ask for a safe place

I was initially surprised too, but evidently, there are areas and societies in the world where the term “hooligan” carries much more profoundly negative associations than in some others, hence the objection.


Yes and this is kind of just the cost of doing business with a global community: you need to care about the thoughts and feelings of folks whose cultural context is different t than your own, if you want to include them. Seems pretty simple really!


Out of interest, what country do you live in?