OMNIUM (3 races in a row) : 19th of April session

Links of the 44th OMNIUM, Wednesday April 19th !

Omnium = 3 races in a row = Scratch + Time Trial + Elimination
:warning: 2 divisions, the usual bar at 3.6W/kg → stronger ? you go to division 1 :warning:


=== Division 1 : FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Time trial

=== Division 2 : FTP < 3.6W/Kg ===
Time trial

Circuit: Izu Cyclo Park crit (1.1km and 14m of D+ per lap), and the “all flat ring” for elimination
Promotions and relegations are done by pedal (on win/podium or clear superiority) or by request, as long as you don’t crush the division below.

See you on Wednesday!

Reminder of the links for Wednesday : join us for 1, 2 or all 3 races
(try to respect the 1st/2nd division categrories)

Have (type 2) fun !

And final call for this session ! See you !

:mega: the results of April 19, 44th edition of the omnium :mega:
Division 1 :

  1. Per Soderberg OTR
  2. Luca Verroest
  3. Rob Miller

Division 2 :

  2. Giuseppe D’agostino (team adr)
  3. Moreno Ceccon C (team adr)

Another extremely close edition in div 1. Congrats to Peter, first ever win on the Omnium !
In 2nd div, the strong riders who made the podium are kindly asked to come and test themselves in 1st div next week because they have the level for it :muscle:

Congratulations for your performances and we’ll do it again next week!