On-bike stretching

@abicarver and/or Minions, would it be possible to get a session or recommendations for tensions relief or on-bike stretches mid-workout?

So I live in a pretty urbanized area, and no matter how hard I try, and how much SUFF training I apply, I end up holding a lot of tension in my hands and arms on my long rides, dealing with road surface, traffic, etc. After an hour I’m always wicked sore in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Yes I can (and frequently do) jump off the bike to take a break, stretch, etc., but sometimes I just can’t.

Appreciate any suggestions.


I KNEW I’d seen this somewhere before! Great minds…



Your post is a great reminder. Let’s see what happens.

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@CPT_A Have you thought about changing your bar tape or looking at softer tires or running a lower psi? For hand and forearm fatigue I generally put one arm behind my back to stretch out my shoulder joint a bit when on the bike and doing a longer ride.