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Hi @WeeLilBrentley I am tagging the folks at Team DPF (@Lauren_TeamDPF and @Rebecca_TeamDPF) so they can get more information about your DPF page comments. Alway good to get more information that make the experience better next year. Thanks for the great feedback.


Oh! Good idea! It wasn’t anything crazy but I remember being a bit confused about a few points. I’ll have to go back and remind myself :smiley:


There will always be people for whom a given week simply won’t work. I suggest a “catch-up tour” the following week so those folks can participate.

Ok, I’m being selfish: Tour Week is usually the week I take my family on our winter vacation. We stayed home this year due to C19. Under the current “one week and one week only" paradigm, my first tour will probably be my last.


Thanks for doing that Gerry.

More great additions for the list … :slight_smile: thanks everyone.

@abicarver do you have any suggestions for on-bike stretches we can do whilst suffering? Maybe you need to do a video!


a 2nd tour and 3 stage events for knights? REally?

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Yep. Some call it a perk of Knighthood. Others wish they’d never learned about it. The first Knights’ Tour was held in November 2014 and we’ve had regular events throughout the year ever since. The Tour of Sufferlandria merely kicks off the season :grin:


I enjoyed the tour so much I might just get on with my kos planning again.


Do it!


And so ends today’s (UK time) ever growing list of feedback - keep it coming if you’re seeing this thread fir the first time …

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I think having the Tour on my birthday week every year is just cruelty.


Here’s my feedback, echoing some comments by others which I hope reinforces T.O.S. 2022 design and beyond!
1st of all… great route this year! Thanks to all who planned our Suffering! 7 days is plenty. Covid or no Covid, if the intent is to get more participation, then the effort needs to stay at 7 days. My legs are still hurting this Tour hangover week. It is supposed to be a serious challenge, and it is. 9 days is really, really, really hard (I’ve done a few tours before), even with pacing/focused/get-me-through-it options. 7 days allows more of us to “go nuclear” (as I did most stages this year) and fewer days suffering could encourage more riders to sign up.
I don’t know about other folk, but I still am fortunate enough in this COVD era to have a job, and one which means I have to go into work 5 days a week. So this year’s tour required some planning. Even if just 7 days, due to the number of back to back efforts or stages with >60 minutes riding overall. Plus I knew with my planned effort level I would need to go easy 1 day. 4 out of the 7 stages were double-headers. I’ve not looked back at previous Tours for comparison, although a triple header called Revolver + Revolver is Easy + Half is Easy is a mental scar I still have… Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I really love the fact that The 'Fest have more workouts around 30 minutes that suit us mortals who have kids and a Mon-Fri job and need to squeeze a quick Suffersession in several times a week. KEEP THE 50 HOUR WINDOW for THE TOUR. KEEP IT AT 7 DAYS. SAVE THE 60+ minute rides for the weekends.
Now I salute Shift workers also who may say “weekends… what are those? I work Saturdays and Sundays”. Y’all at The 'Fest have a hard problem when designing the Tour. Y’all will never please everyone. But keeping sessions to 60 minutes, may be figuring out an option for those wanting to do marathon sessions that fit in with their own schedules… Y’all are creative so I know you can figure it out!

One final point… totally MISSED Youtube. Perhaps after signing up for the Tour, and when the Tour is underway, send an email about “highlights of the day or here to go get more info on “live” events”. I do not study this thread daily, neither Facebook. But us older gen do look at email. Recognize that different generations use different platforms to communicate.

Thanks for reading if you get this far. Can’t say thanks enough for the planners that made this significant fundraiser event happen this year. Unsung heroes. Y’all rock and looking forward to spinning my giblets out in 2022!


Awesome. Thanks folks.

Ahh, what is this project? Ive not seen this discussed anywhere? Can you enlighten me? Cheers


Please have a look here:


First of all - thank you so much everyone for an amazing Tour. Organisers and participants alike. Third one for me and once again I was looking forward to it for months and spent glorious, emotional and happy week with all of you. What we’re all doing really means a lot for a lot of people and I’m really excited to be part of it.

OK, constructive feedback it is, here’s my take on the glorious week:

  1. The ToS 2021 was well adapted to circumstances and massive thank you for taking the current situation into account. Wise decision! That said, I can’t wait for return to SUF normality - 9 days, triple stages and really tough days are part of the experience and I miss those. Questioning my own ability, numbers, playing tough mental games, tears, going down in flames and then picking myself up is somehow part of this glorious Tour.

  2. Please please don’t change the 50 hour window. I know it might be confusing for some, but there’s a very limited subset of us here travelling for/with work who would just be unable to complete the tour without this special rule at all. The last two years I was able to finish purely because of 50 hour window. This year, being furloughed at home was a big exception from norm. There are days when I’m out of home for 16 hours and all I can do is sleep or even days when I don’t return at all and stay away overnight, without a bike in sight. This allows me to catch up or ‘buffer’ stages before I have busy days ahead. For me it’s a must.

  3. The Forum vs Facebook. Oh dear, where do I start. I was trying hard to prioritise the forum, as it is clearly the way forward - outside of ToS. But as was mentioned here already - for a generic chitchat it just doesn’t work, despite the threading options available. I was unable to keep up with the action at both places and as a result I have missed out on many interesting conversations. The FOMO is real! The sad thing is that Facebook is pretty bad too. Privacy issues aside, the way it prioritises posts and subsequent discussions is unpredictable and completely non transparent. And don’t even get me started on the formatting and additional content options. This is the problem that’s hard to solve. Both FB and Forum are good and bad for different things and I think we need some guidance/decisions next time. I can only imagine how tough it must be for newcomers to find their way around.

  4. Onboarding process and Tour updates. This is an important one. I think the Tour needs a well designed and live webpage, the ToS Dashboard of sorts, where anyone regardless of their experience will find everything they need to ride, track their progress and stay in touch will all the action throughout. I personally think an announcement on Forum or FB is just not enough, especially when there’s not just one place where it happens. The simple text hyperlinks to other places are also not enough, especially when they’re not SUF branded. I can imagine a site, that’s purely dedicated to ToS and showing:

  • All the general tour information we have now, plus
  • Clear onboarding process describing step by step what you need, how to participate, where to click, what to fill in, how to prepare, ride, finish, report and discuss your first Tour Stage 1.
  • Links to places where live action happens. When you talk about bibs, there should be examples and link to forum where we all post them. The gallery with all of them. When you talk DPF, there should be a live section with everything from DPF - posts, videos, press releases, TOP10 donors, current funding goal status. When you talk live sessions, there should be a link to YouTube where we can watch. When you talk Stages, there should be a link to each stage discussion thread on Forum.
  • Personalised Tour progress section. Somewhere on the side, and always visible - the time windows, countdowns, statistics, DPF funding target and the personal stages Dashboard so we have all the important progress info available at all times.
  • And finally the big one - News Ticker. The logbook of official and community updates, so we all know when and where important things happen. Live feeds planned/ongoing. Special challenges. Notable community ToS events. Funding milestones. When Stages open with related stage info, related forum discussion and reminder when they close. That way, no one misses out on anything important, without going through hundreds of posts on two different sites and their related conversation threads.

So that’s my take on it. Always humble and happy with what I’ve got :joy:


I had no issues with it. Since the winter conditions here were stellar and some great bluebird days, with snow in excellent shape, I took my 7 day TOS outside for each day on the Fat. Gotta make hay when you can.

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Seems like a no-brainer! I’ll see what I can come up with.


I think condensing it from 9 days to 7 days made the tour way easier from years past. The tour didn’t start nor end with 2 days of 2 hour worth of videos. That takes an incredible load off mentally and physically. Plus there was a lot of grinding segments that suited my riding style, so that helped as well.

As always, the Facebook group was encouraging and supportive to all. Looking forward to it again next year.