On Location Portugal out

Hi everybody
There seems to be a new On Location out - in Portugal :slight_smile:
See the YouTube teaser here: Wahoo SYSTM: On Location Portugal - YouTube

Already in the library, although there is no workout description available yet.


I’m ok with lack of descriptions - it has made the first 2 more fun knowing less about what was coming.

But there’s no badge yet. What’s the point in riding these if I don’t get a badge? :badger:


:point_up: Let me fix that for you:

:wink: :upside_down_face:


Of course - super fun.

And will of course do them again if a badge shows up or not.


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This was a fun ride. I am planning a trip to Portugal and this was an awesome ride around. Hope my wife is ok with all the riding I’m planning :joy:.

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Very nice! I was in Cascais in May for a conference and even though I didn’t bring my bike with me, I did a couple of runs early in the morning on the bike path that Mike follows at the beginning of the Cascais to Sintra rainforest video