On Location

Hi there!

I’m a new user of SYSTM and love the workouts. I especially enjoy the “On Location” one’s and wonder how often do y’all change them up.

And/or will there be additional OL rides added in the near future?

Thank you very much!



I’m not sure when they’ll be adding more OL workouts, but there’s plenty of similar workouts in the “A Week With” series and “Pro Rides”.

Also for a taste of all the Sufferfest workouts in one long session, take a look at the “Kitchen Sink” mashup. It’s got a little bit of all the classic Sufferfest workouts combined into a three hour session. And don’t let the length deter you. It’s been dialed back a bit to keep it achievable, and you can also adjust the intensity mid-ride if it gets too difficult.

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@David.McQuillen.KoS was testing a new OL ride this last week but I think it still needed a bit of tweaking before it was ready to go on SYSTM for riding but hopefully we should get to ride it before Christmas