Thanks for the content fire hose

What with the new pro rides, on location, and now a brand new Sufferfest video, I’ve been reflecting on what an amazing, unparalleled library of workouts we have here. What’s more, it keeps growing! More badges! :heart_eyes:

I took a look at my history since the start of my indoor season this year. Out of the 93 activities I’ve done so far, 73 were ones I did for the very first time. I’ve done some badge hunting across the Sufferlandrian border and gained an appreciation for the treasure trove we have in this app. (And now that I’ve done NPLH, I know the protocol for getting back - phew!)

Chapeau and big thanks to everyone involved.


Thank you. It’s an absolute pleasure to create these experiences. The team - @michael.cotty @Francois-Wahoo and @Eddie.RogersTKP (don’t forget all those Knowledge episodes!) - are the best in the business and incredibly passionate about what they do.


I agree with DameChrsty
All of a sudden it seems that I can’t keep up. I mean that in a good way.
I’m in the middle of the tour training plan while trying to chase the February badge and I keep feeling the need to try the new stuff. Not enough time in the day.
You guys do a terrific job. Please continue.


So am I, actually just finished the Feb challenge, and it could be very easy to “add just another workout” but end up over doing it. Once the prep and challenge has been done there will be plenty of new stuff to enjoy… Patience is the order of the day!!

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Some good stuff. I just did NPLH in place of Recharger which was in my plan. Def a fun and welcome alternative.

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